Don’t judge a book by its pictures



About a week ago someone lovely tagged me in one of those ‘5 things you don’t know about me’ posts on Instagram and between you and me, I bloody dread them. I am such a secretive, complex human being, sometimes I shake my head in disbelief at the elaborate, fun and fashionable double life I’ve tried to create on that stylish square grid we call Instagram.

All sorts of thoughts started to go through my head…


‘Should I mention I work in healthcare but I find it unbearably stressful’.
‘Maybe I’ll tell everyone I’ve had one of the most challenging years of my life, a year that could be written into a plot line of Eastenders’.
‘Perhaps I’ll casually slip in that I’m pretty sure I have anxiety but I won’t admit it to myself because that would be admitting I suffer with some form of mental health problem and therefore must be a raving nutter’ (even though statistically 1 in 4 of us are …. but I’m willing to bet it’s much higher).

‘Nah, I know, I’ll just say something about liking red wine and German Shepherds and hope to sound interesting enough to my followers’.

Interesting enough. What the hell is interesting enough anyway? How can we decide this on an electronic device without any real human interaction? It seems (and is statistically proven) that these judgemental squares are affecting people’s happiness and self worth (including mine at times) And I HATE that. I HATE that I could be part of the problem for someone undoubtedly amazing who is sat at home suffering with FOMO thinking that my Instagram is shot in real time and that I’m sipping cocktails all day without a care in the world.


For me it all started a couple years back when a good (real life) friend showed me Insta on their phone. ‘You should totally get Instagram’ they beamed, as we drank Sauvignon Blanc together in my flat. I looked at the glossy pictures on her screen and loved the creative aspect. The photos all looked so pretty and interesting. I signed up there and then, took a picture of my Eggs Benedict later that day and that was that.



But was that ‘that’? What exactly is Instagram and what effect is it having on us? This debate rears it’s argumentative head all too often. I’ve heard people talk about ‘keeping it real’. And I will be the first to hold my real life usually badly manicured hands up and say for me it just ISN’T real. How can it be? Insta is sharing snapshots of life, it can’t possibly show the in’s and out’s of someones relationships, goals, dreams, likes, dislikes, personality.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that some people want to share snippets of their lives, and take comfort from other lovely humans they meet on the squares in doing so, but that just isn’t me. It’s not why I joined this space.

I joined to get holiday and shoe inspiration. I joined to share pretty things and pretty places that inspire me. I joined to escape my real life at times and drift off into a picture perfect beach with a beautiful sunset with palm trees gently swaying.

If times were tough in the real world, I could just plug into an ideal life and post a picture of a pretty dress I’d bought. For me, Insta was a kind of therapy. Looking at pictures of other people’s stylish additions to their wardrobe (sometimes even seeing inside their perfect wardrobes). Notice how you’ve never seen mine – it’s a bloody shambles.

Now, I hear you say, who cares? Fair point really, but I guess my point is Insta is whatever the hell you want it to be – and don’t let anyone make you feel bad for it.


I personally am not comfortable airing my (extremely) ‘dirty laundry’ in public (sorry for the mental image ha!). Nor am I comfortable posting an unclear photo of an old sock in bad lighting which my Nan could take (no offence to my Nanna, she is an incredible woman and a total babe by the way). Does that mean I judge anyone else if they feel nice doing the exact opposite? Of course not. In fact, it makes me feel good seeing a shed load of variety and different ways in which we all like to express ourselves. Does that mean I should ‘keep it real’ and post more pictures in the community park outside my flat by the dog poo bins? Nah, that’s just not me babe 😂 and whilst we’re on the subject I probably won’t be mentioning when I have PMS, when I’ve had a shit show of a day, and when I feel insecure either as it just doesn’t fit in with my OOTD shots.


Now I realise I’m coming across like a bit of a Negative Nancy. And I really don’t want to sound that way at all. I’m lucky to have an incredible life filled with love and awesome people who make me happy, and I am grateful for that every single day. I am extremely lucky to have yummy food, a roof over my head and access to beautiful clothes which I’ve carefully accumulated over the years. I am also super grateful for (and still surprised by) all the lovely people who actually take an interest in what I wear. I am what you might call a lucky duck and I promise you I fully realise this.


I guess my takeaway message from this post for me and everyone who has an Instagram account/doesn’t want to beat themselves up in life is simply this: Instagram is NOT real life and it NEVER can be. The two are extremely but wonderfully different. The most perfect, well curated shots have usually taken a lot of effort, a well planned trip, mental anguish and incorporated an argument somewhere along the way 🤣😂.

And guys, if you should feel the weight of the squares resting heavy on your shoulders one day, I say unplug yourself. Put your phone on airplane mode. Get back to real life, get out in nature, stroke your pets, wear some ugly-assed clothes and hug your loved ones. But if you happen to catch me posting a picture in a new outfit with a beaming smile in a good light situation on a day when you’re feeling blue, please remember IT’S NOT REAL LIFE.

Peace out beauts,


P.s Special thanks to @lucysheridan (The Comparison Coach) for unknowingly inspiring this post and @thestylish_mrsmint for innocently tagging me and making me think about all things Insta.


AW18 Trends that can’t be missed

Okay, its officially that time again. The leaves are starting to lose their colour, the windows are closed at night, and the pumpkin spiced lattes are back on the menu at Starbucks. It’s only bloody Autumn isn’t it?

img_4934.jpgASOS Paris T-Shirt 

So, how do we get ourselves excited about these colder times?? We jazz up our wardrobes with this seasons hottest items and drink cocktails in town silly!!

Now I know fashion works lightyears ahead, and these trends were cooked up by some clever folk behind closed doors whilst I was eating Coco Pops in my dressing gown last year. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a slice of the 90’s/Sex & The City-esque action present in the stores right now – and boy are there some goodies to be had.

In this blog post I’ve rounded up 5 of my favourite Autumn/Winter 2018 trends and picked out some irresistible key pieces, which will make you smile when you’re on your way to date night dressed like a total babe. Continue reading “AW18 Trends that can’t be missed”

London’s Prettiest Coffee Shops

It is an understatement to say I like coffee – in fact, I can’t spend a day apart from it. I’d go as far to say we are pretty much in a committed relationship. I also love pretty picturesque places; hence the reason why on my days off I enjoy mooching around London looking for the snazziest places to have a cuppa joe.

img_6608Now, I was going to title this blog ‘Londons most instagrammable coffee shops’ or something equally obnoxious but then I had a word with myself and realised that people actually go to these places not just for the photo ops, but to actually re-fuel and have fun.

So here goes… Continue reading “London’s Prettiest Coffee Shops”

Cute as a Button


So, unless you’ve spent your spring/summer hiding under a rock (which you could be forgiven for, with these current inferno temperatures) you will have noticed that big buttons are all the rage at the moment.

It started with a couple of brilliant designers using buttons as statements rather than mere functioning fastenings. Since then, the big button trend has spread like wildfire and these circular accents have been popping up left, right and centre (literally).

That’s why I’m a little bit obsessed with RIVER ISLAND’S new collection. Take this beautiful bardot dress  as a prime example. Continue reading “Cute as a Button”

Go bold or go home

Living in a vibrant city like London, I’m not afraid of a bold summer print or two. Palms, Polkas, Stripes, you name it… they really spice up a cute summer outfit and add some extra colours into some otherwise plain looks. And I have to say, I’m loving some of the pieces in the high street at the moment. WAREHOUSE* in particular has been nailing the print sitch, especially with their culotte jumpsuit range. The prints are so fabulous and very much necessary for some serious summer vibes.

In this post I’m gonna talk you through some of my must have summer prints.


img_6049 Continue reading “Go bold or go home”

SoCal and Vegas


When my instaboyfriend first told me that Wales were playing Mexico in a football (soccer) match I smiled and kept reading my In Style mag. When he added the vital point that said match was going to be played in California I leaned in a little closer 😉

Having been to California a number of times over the past few years its fair to say I’m a big/the biggest fan.

The beaches, the hiking, the sun, the huge open spaces… I could bore you guys to tears with the things I adore about that sweet old Golden State.

I’m going to make a list of my all time favourite California road trip stop offs very soon, but for now I’m gonna fill you in on my recent trip to SoCal and Vegas. Continue reading “SoCal and Vegas”

How to Style: Daisy Dukes

img_3360-1It’s a well known fact that us Brits are slightly obsessed with the weather. Talking about it, complaining about it, planning around it – you get the drift. Recently things have been on the up and we’ve been treated to some seriously tropical temps… so it’s only fair that the Daisy Dukes make their annual appearance.

Now shorts, and more specifically Daisy Dukes, can be a scary thing. Especially in London and big cities where people tend to dress a little more modestly in boiling hot weather. If you opt for these daringly short shorts, you could be open to some funny stares.

This is why I love to throw a sheer dress/jacket on top, and this ZARA number just fits the summer bill perfectly!!

img_3366It shows just enough skin to keep the outfit cool and summery but covers the back nicely so that you can opt for cheeky (quite literally) denim numbers.

The colour is frankly perfect for this time of year, the lighter tone really brings out the early Summer tan.

img_3347Here I styled it with a white top and tan accessories to keep things simple. The floral print is so pretty, and the splashes of pink really help to bring the whole look to life. Also I’m totally crushing on the combination of tan and denim, the colours work so well together. This is no accident – it’s simply down to the fact that blue and tan (orange) are opposites on the colour wheel, making them ideal outfit partners.

If you’d love to learn more about matching colours and why some combos just work, why not check out my previous blog How to: Mix and Match Colours.

I’m off to go and enjoy the sunshine some more, but as always I’ve linked some of the pieces from this post and dress alternatives below.

Have a good weekend guys!











Jumpsuit Jam

img_2922Okay, let’s talk jumpsuits. These fancy all-in-ones have long been an essential in my wardrobe. They easily make an ensemble chic and polished, but also happen to be the perfect Spring to Summer wardrobe item.

Large variations in the temperature from day to night at this time of year can make dresses a chilly option. I want to embrace the sunshine but no one looks good shivering their way to the tube in the morning covered in goosebumps.

img_3001This is where the jumpsuit really comes up trumps – cover up your legs, add a jacket if necessary and you are left with a much more wearable alternative.

As you are dressed the same on the top and bottom it makes styling these an absolute dream. They also happen to be mega comfy (sort of like fancy pyjamas). 🙂
You can add heels to create an even smarter after work option too.

@olgakimphotography-8-1Photo @olgakimphotography

If you follow me on instagram you’ll already know im a massive fan of stripes. I seem to be attracted to them like Harry to Meghan. The vertical variety really elongates my petite frame and adds the illusion of extra height.

Below I have linked some of my favourite jumpsuit options in the shops right now including a similar version of this navy beauty.


Word to the wise, skanky loos are best avoided in these types of outfits, you’ll understand  why when you wear one…

I hope everyone has a fab weekend.




Exact White Striped Jumpsuit

Exact Orange Striped Jumpsuit

Similar Navy Jumpsuit

Halterneck Jumpsuit

Yellow Jumpsuit