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Fantastic Faux Furs


You may have noticed in my last couple of posts, that I’m really feeling the faux fur this season! Recently I shared a ‘How to’ guide with some examples of how I love to style faux fur. In case you missed it, you can catch up here.

At the time I thought my wardrobe was adequately stocked up with faux fur pieces. Turns out I was wrong! On Oxford Street the other day I could not resist this black and cream Matalan coat. It caught my eye straight away, and I thought it looked much more expensive than its £45 price tag. (I was only supposed to be buying something for tea!!)

The texture of this particular faux fur is divine, and the length is perfect for wearing with skinny jeans (which I practically live in). Here I styled it with some black skinnies and kept the look all black with a roll neck and classic Ray-Bans.

I added a splash of autumn colour in the form of my beloved caramel Chloe bag but I think a bright red bag would work too!!

I’m feeling like my penchant for faux fur coats may be getting out of hand, but they really are the ideal autumn attire to keep you warm and cosy whilst packing a big old style punch. I loveeeee that faux fur can be dressed down to look edgy or dressed up for night time, making your outfit stand out even when it’s too cold not to wear a coat.

What I was pleasantly surprised about with this one was the multiple front fastenings for those really chilly days. It also has handy pockets, and did I mention it’s under £50?!? How is this possible?!

All I’m saying is, after bagging this beaut, I’m gonna be popping my head into Matalan more often!!

Hope you had a great weekend guys!



Faux Fur Coat

Classic Ray-Bans

Chloe Caramel Mini Drew Bag

Black Ankle Boots

Black Skinny Jeans

Black Roll Neck

Autumn Midi’s

It’s autumn and you may feel like your midi skirt wearing days are over until next year. But, I’m here to tell you they don’t have to be! As you might already know, I love recycling bits from the back of my wardrobe and making them feel brand new. Sometimes the way you style an item in your closet can make you fall back in love with it.

Midi skirts may traditionally be seen as summer attire – I know I’ve worn this one countless times with a cute crop top and heeled sandals. You may even be prone to locking up your skirts as the nights draw in and the warmer days have disappeared, but dig them back out!!!!

Depending on the fabric, a midi skirt can look great with a set of ankle boots and a nice knit (I think I’m starting to talk about knits too much on this blog, but I LOVE them so much!). You could also upgrade your skirt game by pairing it with some slouchy boots and a cute jacket for the eighties wrapped up chic look.

In all of your skirt endeavours I would add in a set of tights (for this look go for skin-coloured so that you get the full affect of the ankle boot). Additionally, layer a camisole beneath the knit for maximising your chances of not freezing to death….I think my spirit animal is a camel so I need to be constantly warm.

Here I wore a black skirt to keep the look more autumnal/wintery but there are some amazing coloured autumn patterns out there (check out the Zara patterned sitch below). I would steer clear of bright summer colours to avoid an unseasonal ootd faux pas.

A pleated midi skirt could also work, below i’ve used my old metallic one from a couple years ago. You could easily pair it with a dark grey chunky knit and a long coat. Zara have brought out a devastatingly gorgeous updated velvet version (see below in my top picks), but I’m trying to resist the temptation.

So guys, dig out your summer skirts, invest in some tights from Primark and get outfit recycling!!!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.



Black Midi Skirt

Camel Jumper

Black Ankle Boots

Mirrored Raybans


Metallic Pleated Skirt

White Statement T

Black Faux Leather Jacket

Red Boots


Zara Patterned Midi

Pleated Velvet Skirt

Black Midi Skirt

Embellished Dressy Midi

Stories nails their accessories

Can we just take a minute to talk about &OtherStories and how they are always nailing their accessories!! Every time I visit the Regent Street store I am in awe of their offerings.

Over the years their jewellery collection has been so impressive and purse friendly, I always pop in there when I’m after a quick silver fix. But, when I popped in there last week it was all about their bags, and I could have easily walked out the door with 5 of them. It was just my bank balance that was keeping me in check.

If you’re on the look out for a well made bag at a reasonable price, I highly recommend you get in there and have a ganders.

Even if you order from their website, their pieces come so nicely packaged. They would make for some gorgeous Christmas gifts 🎁.


ersonally, I couldn't resist this cheeky Scarlett Crossbody and I struck lucky as it ended up being half price online 😍. Unfortunately, it seems no one else could resist it either, and within a couple days they had already sold out 😫!!

Don't fret though, they have many other gorgeous options (I've linked some below for you to have a spy at).

Where are your go-to accessory hot spots?? Comment below!

I hope you all have a fantastic week ahead!




Red Crossbody

Stories Flap Bag

Crossbody Bag

Black Large Crossbody


Red Boots

Grey Belted Coat – Steal

Grey Belted Coat – Mid Price

Grey Belted Coat – Splurge

Exact Jeans

Grey Bobble Hat

Grey Jumper

How to Style: Sneakers

Ten years ago, the only place you would have caught me in trainers was on a treadmill. I used to literally live in heels and I’m sure my previous colleagues can vouch for the unsuitable shoes I used to totter around in at work (I distinctly remember tripping over once).

Fast forward to now, and trainers (sneakers, pumps, tennis shoes, kicks – whatever you like to call them) are thankfully seen as stylish!!! They come in a snazzy array of colours which can actually add to the chicness of an outfit.

More importantly, they give my feet a much needed rest on days where I’m running around doing errands. I love that I can add my comfy trainers to my outfits and stay true to my style.

Below I am going to show you FIVE ways which I like to style my sneaks.

Look One – With Denim


Possibly the simplest of the looks, jeans are best friends for trainers, but in my opinion they HAVE to be skinny. Depending on the time of year, a coat or a denim jacket is a necessity.

This time of year I’m pairing my jeans with a big knit, but a t-shirt and a denim jacket would be my go-to if the temperature was a tad warmer.



Adidas Gazelles

Look Two – Pleated Skirt

This look is all about adding a splash of chic. It’s probably best worn with tights this time of the year if you’re braving anything like the current U.K temps.

I love how a long skirt can add an element of femininity to an otherwise androgynous look.

For extra interest you could use a metallic pleated skirt which were a dime a dozen last year (you may even already have one like me).

I have stuck to monochrome accessories so the outfit is not too busy, but I added a pop of red for a lil splash of colour.


Nike Roshe Trainers (similar not exact match)

Metallic Pleated Skirt

White Statement T

Black Faux Leather Jacket

Look Three – Matchy Matchy


Now, I’m sure if you follow my blog or insta you’ll see I’m a big fan of the matchy matchy situation. Whether it be bag with shoes or coat with shoes. I love it when you draw attention to some of the pieces you wear by matching them perfectly. It also keeps the outfit neat if you’re keeping the colours you introduce to a minimum (more on this soon).


The above Magenta Bag is an old DVF style and the trainers are Nike Free Runs, but i’ve linked some updated autumn colours below which will pop against any outfit.


Adidas Gazelles

Valentino Bag

Marroon Nike Free Runs

Cross Body Bag – Splurge

Cross Body Bag – Steal

Bobble Hat

Look Four – Statement Coat

I think you guys can probably tell from previous posts that I am a sucker for a big statement coat!!! Apart from the fact that they just happen to look fabulous, they also add a touch of je ne sais quoi to an otherwise boring outfit. You can literally throw any old boring stuff on underneath (I tend to favour black jeans and a black jumper – or grey if I’m feeling snazzy).

That aside, boy are they frikkin toasty!!!!

This particular pink beauty is on Missguided right now, but I’ve linked some of my other current faves below.


Pink Faux Fur – Steal

Powder Pink Faux Fur Coat – Mid Range

Cream Faux Fur Coat – Steal

Animal Print Coat – Mid Range

Faux Fur Coat – Splurge

Look Five – PVC leggings


If you read the blog last week on Sunday Strolling you already saw some PVC/Trainer action.

This is such a simple way to add something new into your weekly outfit and they look great with trainers! Lets face it, jeans are boring sometimes.


PVC Leggings

Bobble Hat

Cream Polo Neck Sweater

Splurge Bag – Valentino Rockstud Bag

Steal Bag – Nude Topshop Bag

Long Black Coat

Happy Weekend to everyone,


Sunday Strolls 


My absolute favourite thing in the world is an epic walk on a Sunday. It’s a wonderful way to round off the week and spend quality time with the people you love (followed by a calorific cheat meal).

I’m always looking for causal outfits which I can stand for a few good miles without getting too cold or uncomfortable (10 miles to be exact today!!)😜

Usually it’s some sort of trainer/jean combo but I absolutely love a shiny PVC legging at the moment. It’s such an easy way to make an outfit interesting. I like to wear a small cross body bag so I’m not lugging masses of weight around all day.

I would recommend pairing it with a bobble hat, a big chunky knit and a massive coat to keep all snuggly and warm.

If you’re crushing on these shiny leggings as much as I am, you might want to check out my previous post with some other ways to style them here.

Next week I’ll be keeping on the casual theme and showing you how I style trainers.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!




PVC Leggings

Bobble Hat

Cream Polo Neck Sweater

Splurge Bag – Valentino Rockstud Bag

Steal Bag – Nude Topshop Bag

Long Black Coat

How to Style: Faux Fur

You’ve gotta love Faux Fur! It’s a cruelty-free, animal-friendly way to enjoy feeling all cosy and cute like a little kitten. But boy, can it be intimidating! It’s allllllll over the shops at the moment thanks to the geniuses at Max Mara, Miu Miu and the like. Get it right, and it can add some glamour and texture to an outfit. Get it wrong, and it could end up looking cheap, tacky or a bit too big bear-like (although I still kinda like the bear look – see below).

In this post, I’m going to show you five different ways to style Faux Fur into your #OOTDs. Just a pre-warning though, you may end up wanting to stroke yourself a little too much!!

Look One – Faux Fur Stole


These multicoloured stoles are a great way to add a splash of colour into an outfit and introduce faux fur into your wardrobe. We can thank the likes of the beautiful Olivia Palermo for kicking off the trend again this year when she wore a brightly coloured CHARLOTTE SIMONE stole during fashion week. 

I love this TOPSHOP one, it instantly jazzes up an all black outfit and is a perfect match for tan or red accessories, which as you probably already know I’m a tad obsessed with at the moment. The blue on the stole really stands out and keeps the look vibrant and interesting – it’s also one of my fave colours.

I styled this one over a black roll neck paired with a black skort. I added the belt to stop stole-slippage (yes that’s a real phrase) 🙂 This version is great because it can also be wrapped around your neck easily, but there are a billion out there to choose from. I would wear a plain coat (black or even tan if you have one) as I wouldn’t want to detract from these beautiful colours or make the outfit look too busy.


Multicoloured Stole

Bright Coloured Stole 

Look Two – Faux Fur Cuffs

These faux fur cuffs are adorable and such a cute way to incorporate a small amount of the good stuff into your outfit. A cuff or a collar is a gentle nod to the trend, especially for those of you who may be feeling a little shy around the fur situation.

There are oodles of options on the high street right now. The black coat is an old MISS SELFRIDGE number from about a decade ago, but I’ve linked the cream ‘coatigan’ below along with the bobble hat.


Coat with Faux Fur Cuffs

Bobble Hat
Faux Suede Skort

Look Three – A Faux Fur Gilet

Gilets are another popular way to incorporate the fuzzy stuff into an outfit. They are actually extremely cosy, as they are keeping your most sensitive bits warm. However, as they are not covering your arms, they are not adding the extra inches that faux fur coats and jackets do. I think it’s chic to add a belt to cinch in your waist to help keep the silhouette in proportion.

There are numerous options out there. I’ve linked some below for your perusal.


Black Faux Fur Gilet 

Budget Faux Fur Gilet 

White faux fur gilet

Look Four – Faux Fur Sleeves 

I posted this look a couple of weeks ago on the blog and I am still in love with it!!! 

There’s something so cool about big fluffy sleeves!! Sure, your older family members might make bear/chicken jokes when they see you. They may even look at you like you’re an alien that’s just landed, but you’ll be snuggly and that’s the main thing my friend 😉


Top with Faux Fur Sleeves 

Look Five – The Faux Fur Coat

Right, this final look is not for the faint hearted. It’s big, it’s in your face and it packs a punch. You may get confused for a Russian mafia WAG, or even worse, Kat Slater. But, my gosh will you be warm!!!! 

If you’re feeling a bit shy I suggest sticking to a neutral tone or a simple colour (ie: black or cream) 

I’ve worn this coat with trainers in the day for a more edgy shopping style or heels at night for the ‘wannabe VIP’ kind of look. This particular one was from PRETTY LITTLE THING last year in the sale however, I’ve linked some similar options below.

N.B Moody face optional 😉


Splurge Faux Fur Coat

Steal Faux Fur Coat


Black OTK Boots

I hope you’re having a fabulous week and as always I would love to hear your comments!

Until next time,

Strawberry Beret

It’s Autumn, and baby it’s cold outside ❄️. If you’re anything like me, you love a good hat to keep warm and toasty!! Especially a funky looking one. They can hide a bad hair situation and can make an outfit instantly more interesting. This pop of red paired with a red lip might even be bordering on chic ☺️

Now, I know I’m not French. But a girl can pretend can’t she?!? 😉 I saw this Beret in John Lewis and was ALLLLLLL over it. Probably something to do with my current red obsession! I paired it with this Stripey past season Primark Knit and an old Zara Pinafore dress. I have linked some similar options below.  


You could also wear it with a sharp coat for a military feel (think Goldie Hawn as a Thornbird in Private Benjamin!)

If it was up to me, I think I would be wearing red in some form everyday until Christmas……🎄🎅🏼🤶🏼  

Are you obsessing over any colours recently? 


John Lewis Beret

H and M Beret

River Island Red Boots

Pinafore Dress

Asos – Striped Top

Similar Red Mango Coat