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Question: What do you wear to a London Fashion Week event? You know there’s a higher than normal chance that people are going to be checking out your look, and you want to look showstoppingly trendy. (Did I just use the word trendy?!? – my mum says that 🙈)

Anyway, this was my recent dilemma when I got invited to a Lulu Guinness fashion presentation for their AW18 collection – trust me I’m not complaining, it’s a nice problem to have.

It was my first LFW event, so I didn’t quite know what to expect or what the set up was like. They had already held a preview on the Saturday (I had been doing a little gentle Instagram stalking) and I just couldn’t wait to clap eyes on their new bags and shoes for myself.


Now, I don’t know where I’ve read this; but it’s almost a well known fact that it’s a good idea to wear the designer’s clothes/bags to their presentation. It’s kind of like saying ‘you’re awesome’ and ‘I love your work’ without making a scene and being all fan girly.

Of course, I was more than happy to incorporate my beloved Lulu tote into my look. Firstly it’s a beautiful scarlet colour, but secondly it’s big enough to carry my heels whilst I lazily commute around London in my flats. You know how I role in my SNEAKY SHOE SWAPS.

Now, being a fashion event, I knew I wanted heels in my look, so that was a no-brainer. These TOPSHOP beauties are from 2015 but I still adore them just as much as the first time I wore them. You might have spied them all over Instagram a couple of years ago.

It also just so happened that last week I nabbed this ZARA blazer. It was a mere £25.99! Much cheaper than it looks. I love how it pulls in at the waist creating a very feminine silhouette out of an otherwise masculine garment. The only issue was the sleeves were a little long for me – or my arms were a little short for it??. A little roll up later and we have a perfect fitting jacket. My boyfriends sharp eye for tailoring really came in handy on this occasion as this small detail made a difference to how the outfit looked.


I had to layer the dreaded coat on top as the weather is still freezing in London (although not quite as bad as NY and Paris so I hear). And I’m sure it goes without saying that the signature red lip was essential.

I met up with the lovely @pepperpaperstyle and @marla.ellis before hand for the smallest tastiest tacos in the world (and a totally unnecessary G&T once we’d realised the event was affiliated with Grey Goose and had espresso martinis on tap).


Now onto the important stuff. The presentation itself was fascinating!! The new collection features a lot of stripes and monochrome and with my current stripe obsession, I was like a moth to a flame.

The clutches are so chic too. Incorporating the signature lips; but this time with the cutest lipsticks added to them on the hardware. I loved the attention to detail.

The usual bright, playful, upbeat theme was present throughout the collection. I particularly loved the orange and pink velvet clutches.

The space was beautiful. A lot of mirrors and bright silver decorated the walls to create an open space and showcase the pieces to the max. There was a handprint wall which was made up of hand traces of the guests from the previous day. The lighting in the entrance was purple and gorgeously welcoming. All in all it was clear a lot of attention to detail had been paid.

The talented @collyertwins gave a talk about their favourite pieces in the collection and how blogging has opened doors for them. It was very insightful and interesting to hear how much they adore the brand and how they have grown their social media accounts. They were engaging and so friendly after.

The generous people at Lulu even gave us a glorious make up pouch as a thank you for attending. I had to pinch myself and take a moment to realise how lovely this gesture was. It really demonstrates how well Lulu has created a connection with their audience and made us feel part of the brand. It may have cost them a small fortune to produce the goodie bags but in doing so they have definitely secured the loyalty of the bloggers and fans in attendance.

Afterwards we were on such a high we hung out in Covent Garden for a while and enjoyed our Grey Goose buzz.

We even had our very own fashion moments outside Freemason’s Hall where photographers were waiting to shoot street style LFW looks. Probably the closet I’ll ever get to being papped, but it was amazing to be recognised for the look I had so carefully planned out.


Note the rubbish bags at my feet, Ha Ha!! At least I won’t forget my place in the fashion world!

I hope this was the first of many fashion events and collection previews going forward, but even if it was a one off, I’m so glad everyone there was so welcoming and lovely. I was surprised by how laid back and fun it was. There was a real warmth in the room as people chatted to one another and took snaps of the gorgeous pieces. I know fashion-y type things have a reputation as being a smidge intimidating, but then again we are talking Lulu, and well she’s just fabulous 😍😍

Hope you all have a fantastic week,










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